Flamingo Tassel Garland Kit

$ 13.00

Our Flamingo Fringe Tassel Garland Kit is the perfect party accessory. This party garland spans about 6 feet and comes with 16 tassels per kit. Makes a great and easy backdrop or bunting in front of a table. Best part, when the party is over you can save it and reuse for another celebration.

Our Fringe Tassel Garlands come with NEW innovative and easy assembly instructions for any craft level. Using our new instructions I can make 1 tassel in less then 2 minutes + they look better then any tassel I have assembled before.

Flamingo Fringe Garland Kit:

(3) Flamingo

(3) Light Pink

(3) Pink

(3) White

(2) Peach

(2) Apricot

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